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Dutch gaming website reviews Battlefield 3, gives it a 8,8 out of 10. Great but not essential or perfect.

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_LarZen_2368d ago

The multiplayer alone should give the game a solid 10/10 it is as of today the reference of fps multiplayer.

StanLee2368d ago

You mean the buggy, laggy multiplayer that even a day 1 patch didn't fix?!

finbars752368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

I can't understand what people are talking about with the MP being broken?the only problem I really have had has been the chatting in a squad which cuts in and out a lot.Other then that it's been smooth sailing for myself and friends.I'm playing it on the ps3 but I doubt that has anything to do with since I heard the same complaints from others like yourself .I know the patch is coming out next week so hopefully everyone will be happy.

_LarZen_2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

I have been playing like crazy, no it it probably your crap ass rig?

finbars752368d ago

I wouldn't give a 10/10 but I agree the game offers a lot more repay then most games now a days.It's an easy 9.4 from me.Love the SP and co-op is way underrated by the reviewers.The co-op was fantastic and extremely challenging.8.8 as far as I'm concerned is great no Matt what people say.My score reflects my own opinion so don't hate.

stevenhiggster2368d ago (Edited 2368d ago )

I don't hate the game I like it a lot, but I'd mark it down just for the community! The forums on battlelog are full of unspeakable morons!

Worst game community I have ever encountered, if you go there with a genuine complaint or problem you just get told to piss off and go back to COD, I don't even like COD!!
So stay away from the battlelog forums if you don't want to deal with a bunch of douche bags.

Ducky2368d ago

Official forums are usually full of douchebaggery near a game's release.
Though I tend to see more people giving negative comments than defending the game.

It'll clear up after 4 months or so...