Pivotal takes aim at FPS genre cliches

'Our approach is different' says the UK studio as it talks up design for new Conflict game and in-house tech. 2008 sees the release of Pivotal's first next-gen Conflict game, and the brand moves into the FPS genre - but the team is taking aim at the staples of the shooter category to devise something new.

Opting for a first-person view, co-op gameplay and a grittier storyline ripped from the headlines, Bambra promises a politically sensitive story above and beyond the pulpy fodder found in most other action oriented games.

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Skerj3919d ago

SO by taking aim at said cliches it became a cliche itself? That's pretty ironic no? The Puncture technology sounds cool, we were discussing why nothing like that hasn't been done yet. You shoot a wall with a rocket, all you see is a black smudge decal. This is a new gen, we can pull these things off now. Unlimited ammo seems like it'll be too easy though. By stripping away the need for ammunition so as to decrease some tension, they also decreased player strategy. Something similar has been seen with the Unified Ammo system of Deus Ex: Invisible War which I HATED because of that.

Chabbs03919d ago

a country overthrown and the new leader threatening nuclear on the US Call of duty 4 anyone?