North American PS3 Sales Confirm Growth

Although Sony's price cut on the PlayStation 3 had the intended effect in Japan, spurring on sales of the system, the outcome in North America was a question mark until Sony recently released its latest figures. The verdict: sales have "more than doubled."

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skyline20033920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

This is old news.

Edit: For those who disagree

Dated 11/18

Maddens Raiders3919d ago

article is not well written skyline and is not the same thing sir. The MacWorld read expounds upon specific data and origin of the cause for the spike, not expectations. That is why I disagreed skyline.

TheExecutive3920d ago

There has always been demand for the ps3. However, the price point and lack of quality titles held many back. This seems to have been solved at the 399 price point.

I dont see much in the way of competition for 2008 either. Neither the 360 nor the Wii have anything in their lineup to match MGS, GT5 and possibly FF. Not to mention (only because they have yet to prove themselves as a successful franchise) 8days, getaway, killzone 2 and LBP.

its my opinion that in 2008 the PS3 will catch the competition, I am not 'flaming' and if you disagree then state why. Or just hit the disagree button because you know I am right and dont have a logical argument on why the PS3 will not take '08.

Blackmoses3920d ago

I second that notion!
Sony has taken their sweet old time getting games out and the lower price doesn't hurt either. 2008 looks like it will definitely be a turn around year barring a major catastrophe.

desolationstorm3920d ago

I dont think FF will ship in 08, but Nintendos big gun fo 08 is Smash Brawl anyone who doesnt think this is gonna sell crazy numbers is naive. I agree with you though MGS4 and GT5 are huge bombs on Sonys side, I just feel come feb 10 brawl will be a huge addition in the wii catalog. I know thats only one game but thats a game which is gonna attract people who dont have the system unlike MarioKart which I think will be good, but people who want that should already have the system. IMO Brawl will be a bigger pull from the non nintendo core people.

Besides 08 hasnt started so no idea what games will actually ship. Though it is obivious that PS3 will get better I just think Nintendo and Microsoft focused on what they would be bringing to the table this year it will be a good year no matter what but maybe Ill finally through the cash down to get a ps3 in 08.

EZCheez3920d ago

With anyone that disagreess with you.

I just survived Black Friday shopping and people were picking up all of the consoles FRANTICALLY. It was insane and I feel lucky to be alive! Seriously though, it's nice to see people actually buying the PS3 and getting a good deal.

Does anyone else think this Wii fad is like the Tickle Me Elmo from a few years ago? It doesn't seem like half of the people getting one really even know what they are. They just want one because everyone else is in line to get one too. I just watched a video on CNN of a guy who missed Thanksgiving dinner with his family so he could stand in line at the mall to get a Wii. Dumb. Just plain dumb.

TheExecutive3920d ago

You are right! I completely forgot about smash brawl! I am definitely gonna pick that up... but that still doesnt change my opinion that the PS3 will not only take '08 but get close to catching or even catch the competition in '08 (most likely '09 for the wii).

mighty_douche3920d ago

depends on his family dude!

aiphanes3920d ago

When sony releases this game, and if it has good reviews it will probably be the biggest game out on the PS3...

DEADEND3920d ago

I agree with you totally, 2008 is SONY's year for sure. The PS3 will get another price cut Q2 08 around the time of MGS4 and GT4, and there will be a ton of games for the system that will help it sell in all regions(like DMC4 in Japan, SINGSTAR in EU, and LBP in all regions like NA).
And to aiphanes: I think your right about LBP, it will be a system seller for SONY. LBP will be the biggest sleeper hit to come out in a long time.

Snukadaman3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

This picture was taken at the signal hill best buy on black friday at 8:30 am...and you can see some people did buy a couple, but its not moving as sony would like you too belive...the xbox 360 arcade bundles are not moving at all looking like this exact pallet but with no boxes off...I think many people too advantage of the best buy bundle they had with 2 free games and a movie...also there were plenty of guitar hero 360 bundles when i went there...but picked up gun,ghost recon2,and spiderman 3 for the cheap prices though..wanted stuntman but they were gone.

you little kids can disagree till the cows come home..picture evidence is way better then some idiots who disagree and dont say dont hurt your fingers there children.

tony3920d ago (Edited 3920d ago )

"I dont see much in the way of competition for 2008 either. Neither the 360 nor the Wii have anything in their lineup to match MGS, GT5 and possibly FF"

all of that are sequels. where are the new and exciting games, and not only that, but microsoft has a great line up coming for next year.


Genuine3920d ago

Although I agree that it's nice to see ps3 sales pick up, the ps3 will not catch the competition in 2008. The ps3 would have to sell 600,000 consoles a month for a year to catch the 360 and Wii, and that's only if neither one sold a single console during that time. If the ps3 outsold the Wii and 360 by 100,000 every month for the next 5 1/2-6 years it would just be catching up.

TheExecutive3920d ago

You may be right about not catching the Wii next year, but I see no reason why, with all the proven franchises coming out and even some hyped unproven franchises that the PS3 cant double the 360 sales globally. If the ps3 can at least tie the 360 sales in NA then I see no reason it cant go 2 to 1 globally.

I mean I wonder how many consoles will be sold specifically for MGS, FF, and GT, let alone KZ2 and LBP. I just dont see why it cant double sales of the 360.

Genuine3920d ago

Matching 360 sales in the U.S. would have to happen for the ps3 to ever catch the 360. But still, it would take longer than a year. I'm thinking realistically,btw.

TheExecutive3919d ago

Realistically huh? Well since the 360 really has no proven franchises coming out next year and no real hits to talk about (although Alan Wake does look sweet), its actually very realistic to think the ps3, with its new price point and lineup of games next year, will outsell the 360 2 to 1 next year. It may not exactly match the 360 number for number, but it will make the difference all but negligible. Realistically... for real. I know, I know I am being a smartass... just couldnt be helped.

beoulve3919d ago

geniune, all Sony have to do is match XBOX 360 sales in US. The rest of world PS3 will surely surpasses XBOX 360 esspecially in Japan. If they can ship 300k more than XBOX 360 per month and match US sales. They gonna catch up to XBOX 360 installed base really soon.

Genuine3919d ago

Even at that rate, it would be over 2 years before the ps3 caught up. I understand that fanboys want their favorite console to win the console wars. But at some point you have to get real. Some of you want to believe that MS is just going to stand by and let sony take away all that they have accomplished. It's not going to happen. The 360 got where it is by being the best next-gen console on the market, and you know what it still is. I would have already sold my ps3 if it wasn't for the HD movie playback. In the U.S., the 360 is the "cool" console. If your not playing Gears of War or Halo 3, your not part of the in crowd. You folks claim to be gamers, but your pulling for the worst next-gen console on the market. Fanboys are ruining gaming, especially the sony fanboys.

ravinash3919d ago

Right up till the point you said gear of war, Halo 3 and "in crowd".
I expect it will take 2 year till the PS3 catches us as Xbox does have that much of a head start and is favoured more in the states.
The only thing that makes it a better console is games...and that’s only because it has more of them.
I'm sure with the line up for the PS3 coming out it'll get the boost it needs to one day catch up...but yeah....more like 2 years.


Still, not only PS3 have a good next year on exclusive games, but also on multiplat. This is somthing Wii don't have... I'm pretty sure PS3 can match 360 by the end of next year (I don't if it can pass, but get together), but this is something that could bring the Wii down the stairs, and is very good to PS3 over Japan and Europe.

TheExecutive3919d ago (Edited 3919d ago )

I hope that you arent calling me a fanboy because I am speculating on the industry market a year from now and it favors the PS3... as for the "in crowd" comment... lol. I bought a ps3 because I KNOW that this console will last and I KNOW that games I am going to enjoy are coming out or are already out. I KNOW that there is going to be a wide range of exclusives and I KNOW that Sony will support it for many years to come. I didnt buy it because 20 something males in America say its cool. The very same dousches you are talking about think Madden is a good game.

To tell you the truth I dont care what console "wins" this generation. The games I want on the PS3 are still gonna be on the PS3 no matter what. I would buy a 360, because it has a lot of good games and i do feel like I am missing out on some great experiences but I dont feel like supporting a product that has a 33% failure rate.

Now I respect your opinion and you may very well be right, I guess we will have to wait and see but until then heres a bubble.

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pornflakes3920d ago

"Sony announced its latest numbers on Thursday"


Darkiewonder3920d ago

Smart move yes? People complained about not having a way to play ps2 games on it but how many years have the ps2 been out? You should have picked up one between those years and now.

The system is focused [while still acts like a blu-ray player] on playing ps3 games.

If Japan is acceptable of changes, every other place may as well. People complain WAY too much if they can't get what they want ;o

the worst3920d ago

and 1 more price cut
next year around summer time