SCi records a 25% fall in share price, Microsoft bucks trend

Games Industry reports:

"With most games now released in time for the busy Christmas period, it's a crucial time for the various publishers - although share prices have generally fallen across the board as the markets continue to suffer from the US subprime mortgage fallout.

The only company to buck that trend in the past week was Microsoft, who saw it's price rise by 2.6 per cent, while Konami, Midway Sony and Ubisoft were the least affected shares falling by less than 3 per cent each."

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mighty_douche3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

sales figures weren't bad enough... now we're doing stocks and shares!


rank over... for now...*dun! dun!*

Evil0Angel3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

i do not care how much company will suffer blah blah, as long as we get gooooooooood games e.g M$

PimpHandHappy3888d ago

even with the lawsuits and all


but really

Mighty_douche nailed it on the head

FUK SAKE this is not new for GAMERS

this is news for the suits that steal are money daily. The suits like at Enron

Rage said it best

Sleep Now in The Fire

Mr_Kuwabara3888d ago

This is dumb, shares go up and down each day. No need for these news. MCSFT can be up one day and down the next, same as Sony and the rest of the stocks in the market. And even if MCSFT increased a bit, it has diminished a lot since last year. It's now like what 30 bucks a share? Last year it was on 150 something. (Although the stocks at whole have diminished a lot.)

ironwolf3888d ago

actually MS is up about 15% for the year, and the highest its been in over 5 years.