Pikimal - Battlefield 3 PC Review: Back in Action

Pikimal - My Battlefield obsession borders on legendary, with roots dating all the way back to the 1942 days, back when I still owned a joystick. Though young, I was quickly weaned off the arena based shooters early in my FPS gaming childhood and discovered a more refined shooter palette. Certain expectations are placed upon the Battlefield player, including an acquaintance with team-based mechanics, such as utility, longevity, strategy, and malleability. Having adopted these concepts early on, I never truly had a taste for the more casual shooters, or even the faster, harsher arena-style games. Battlefield 2, to me, was the epitome of the shooter genre.

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BattleAxe2334d ago

Based on this, I guess Uncharted 3 should get a 12/10 from this site.

johnnyisawesome2333d ago

"My Battlefield obsession borders on legendary" - says enough