Rock Band users discovering hardware issues?

Engadget writes:

"While we're still quite early in the game (literally), reports have started trickling in that there may be some substantial issues with some of the hardware included in Harmonix's latest and greatest, Rock Band. According to forum posts from disgruntled users, folks who've just gotten the game are having a litany of problems, from drums with no sensitivity, an always-on whammy, and sticky buttons -- but most of the stress seems to be related to the downstrum. Current descriptions paint the problem as an overly- or ineffectual strum, resulting in a pretty annoying game experience. Of course, it's early on right now, and it's too soon to know if this is a widespread problem or if it's relegated to a small production batch. We pose this question to our readers: are you having Rock Band issues?"

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PimpHandHappy3743d ago

for Christmas

so i would really like to hear from ppl with the game and if they have issues.

MrSwede3743d ago

Follow the link to view the comments. There are clearly problems with the instruments.

EZCheez3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

But for the most part people without a problem will never make threads saying "No problems with Rock Band." What i'm saying is you will always hear from the people who have problems first.

I bought the full set of Rock Band after I found out how my single disc purchase of the game was pointless because the GH3 guitar wasn't compatible. I haven't had any problems yet, and we get pretty rough with them because we get completely wasted by the end of the night when we're playing. The drums are much sturdier than you would imagine, and I for one prefer the Rock Band guitar because I hated the "click" of the Les Paul that comes with GH3. The mic is, well, a mic that works fine and some times gives you credit for stuff you're not even saying, but a lot of times that's not necessarily a bad thing. All in all i'm sure there are problems, but the game is well worth it if you get "a good batch" like I did. This has honestly got to be in my top ten games of all time because it is a blast playing with other people.

And let me tell you, even though the mic doesn't sound fun, when you are drunk it is the best instrument to play by far.

Also, did you guys know this game has in-game friends list access? That's one of the best parts of the game!

B Man3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

I can't get the overdrive on my guitar to activate, it's not registering 70% of the time when I tilt the guitar up.

Also I have noticed the red pad on my drums sometimes doesn't register when I know I hit it... though it's so rare i'm not worried about it.

Hopefully these things are glitches in the software and can be fixed with a patch, like the whammy bar issue was fixed in the xbox 360 GH2 guitar.

TOM3743d ago

The strum is completely useless. Very stiff and non responsive. I'm forced to use the guitar hero 3 controller,and thats BS.I tried my best to like the rock band controller because it fills and looks so much better than guitar heros,but the strum is crap so i have no choice.Very disappointed.
Also the build quality of everything else in the package seems rushed.Many little details thta were clearly rushed when put together.

Torch3743d ago

Ironically, maybe it's actually to Canadians' benefit of being subject to delayed receipt (read: "thick, hard, unlubed shafting") of this game till no sooner than December 17th.

Either they'll have the kinks worked out by then...or they'll decide to send all the defective hardware up here. ;)

Just hurry up already; how dare they deprive me of my Christmas present!

Arkham3743d ago

"Nothing is to Canada's benefit."

Just our dollar, eh Yank? ;)

RevN8r3743d ago

The Canadians are just upset because they are nothing more than America's hat.

Torch3743d ago

The ignorance you mindlessly spew does nothing more than give your fellow Americans a bad name, thereby further contributing to the negative stereotype consensus the rest of the world currently perceives of the USA.

Smarten up.

RevN8r3743d ago

It was a joke, not a good one, and not even my own. I have a brother-in-law who is Canadian, and I love Canada myself. I kinda find it funny that you had such an issue that you had to bash me and my fellow Americans, but that is what it is. Go ahead and keep telling yourself that you don't wish you were an American, though, I am proud to be one!

uxo223743d ago

Torch, I am an American and I know in the past you and I have had some disagreements on this site. But, I agree with you 100%. A lot of people don't understand the sensitivity of these types of matters and feel just because they were joking makes it okay to say.

@RevN8r, if you really give it some thought, you have to see how comments like "you know you wish you were American" or "Canada is mad because it's America's hat." makes you and all other that makes the same type of comments appear to be immature. When non Americans read things like that, they don't always see it as a single individual making an insensitive comment, they tend to generalize about Americans, so with that being said, if you're proud to be an American how about also making America proud of you. I read things like this and just shake my head.

However, I'm sure you're old enough now that someone that you don't know telling you that it's not cool isn't going to phase you.

RevN8r3743d ago

I'm just gonna drop it, because apparently a couple of readers on this thread are finding my statements insensitive. That wasn't my intention, and I apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings.

Arkham3740d ago

No one was upset. If you noticed my smiley I was just responding jokingly, in good nature to the previous poster. You're giving some Americans a bad name by flying off the handle and taking offense so quickly.

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Wolfgang1873743d ago

Here's the problem with the downstrum on the fender. it uses 2 metal tongs that when pressed together complete the circuit and make it strum. problem is after maybe 3 hours or so of hard playing one of them bends ever so slightly, making it so you have to press down hard as hell to make it strum. This makes hard and expert mode 100% impossible to play. I opened my guitar and the fix was pretty easy, just a pain. There are several fixes out there it seems so just go to the forums to read up on what ppl are doing. Some have diagrams and pics up. After about 20 minutes my Fender now works as good as my Les Paul. Voiding your warranty is also a concern, but when I opened mine I didnt break any seal or anything so I dont know how theyd know you opened it.

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