Climax Group working on "unannounced title" for Konami

Climax group (Silent Hill: Origins, Ferrari, Viva Piñata for Windows) have updated their website with a message stating that they are currently producing another "unannounced title" for Konami.

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Darkiewonder3918d ago


I want to play a game from them xD

Skerj3918d ago

Go pick up Silent Hill Origins!!

InMyOpinion3918d ago

Didn't Climax make Landstalker for Sega Genesis? Loved that game. They should make another action RPG.

Skerj3918d ago

Yeah Landstalker was dope, then they made Time Stalkers on DC which was pretty decent for what it was. Alundra on PS1 reminded me a lot of Landstalker too.

Cartesian3D3918d ago

in my opinion it will be exclusive to sth .. :) and hope to see another good game..