IGN: Sonic Generations Review

It's almost jarring to see SEGA finally deliver on their generation-old promises that SEGA "does what Nintendon't." They have finally re-purposed Sonic as a platforming mascot that is, for the first time in ages, wildly definable by its own merits instead of trying to play catch up, tagalong or sorority sister with its mustachio partner in crime. Instead, Sonic Generations decides to ditch the plight of spending decades chasing Mario's happy go lucky hop and bop, vacational romps through paradise in favor of a vigorously fast and unforgiving speed drive through dystopia that honors expertise over bubbly luck.

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Chuk51908d ago

My eyes are playing tricks on me. This...this is just impossible. I haven't played a good sonic game since adventure 2.

Commander_TK1908d ago

Me 2. Game was awesome. Hopefully Sonic is back with this one.

deus_ex1908d ago

SONIC COLORS got the same score

miyamoto1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

Only 0.5 point lower than Battlefield 3!?

That is freaking awesome!

Sonic Team claims that they took all the good stuff from previous Sonic game and mixed them altogether here. Meaning to get this game if the score is true.

Has Sega finally hit the nail with this one?
Let us hope so.

ChickeyCantor1907d ago

"Only 0.5 point lower than Battlefield 3!? "

Yeah...Cause they obviously go for the same cup....


SilverSlug1908d ago

Pick up Sonic Colors.

Adventure 2 has not aged well.

Chrono1908d ago

Sonic Colors was good.

Gambit071908d ago

Adventure 2... one of my most disappointing games of all time... just don't go there man...

ReservoirDog3161908d ago

Was never into sonic much but this looks appealing to me for some reason.

Though I think I did play sonic adventure 2 before and liked it.

Maybe I should give this a shot...

Venox20081908d ago

I think you didn't play Sonic Colors.. which is a really good game

killcycle1907d ago

Sonic Colors is really good.

frostyhat1231907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

Sonic adventure 2 brings back such good memories!

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user8586211908d ago

Holy crap!!! a sonic game with a good rating!? its about damn time!!!

RioKing1908d ago (Edited 1908d ago )

^Beat me to it

Organization XII1907d ago (Edited 1907d ago )

8.5? Interesting, that's better than Uncharted 3 (8/10 Eurogamer)

kanetheking1907d ago

better then battlefield 6.5 form msxbox site

Michael-Jackson1908d ago

Day 1. This is my first PS3 Sonic game.

Tommykrem1908d ago

Was really surprised by the demo. Innovative, impressive and fun. It looked good too.

TheRacingX1907d ago

Play it in 3D... its really well done...

Tommykrem1907d ago

If only I had a 3D TV :/
Maybe I could get a friend to get it.

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The story is too old to be commented.