Battlefield 3 Online Pass Not Working? Get a New One, EA Says

GR - "Many gamers are reporting that the Online Pass codes bundled with Xbox 360 versions of Battlefield 3 are being rejected. EA's solution is to get a new one from the retailer that sold you the game."

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farhsa20082398d ago

That's what happens when you become greedy and try to nickel and dime your customers.

And for those that say "But it doesn't effect me I buy knew" well here you go. You deserve to get ripped of.

gamingdroid2398d ago

ah... I have been saying it all along. Online Passes are the work of the devil!

Enjoy it! :D

RememberThe3572398d ago

Well... EA is as evil as Activision, but they're worse at it... Touche!

2pacalypsenow2397d ago

THQ started this with UFC 2009

irepbtown2397d ago

I've been saying it since they first introduced it on FIFA, EA are money hungry no different from Activision.

Battlefield 3 is amazing, however I dont see why I need a code just to simply play online. What will the future hold?
You need to renew your pass every month?

gamingdroid2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

I actually don't have an issue with greediness, because technically I see it as a balance. Consumers try to get the most for the least, while companies are opposite. It keeps the balance and is in the spirit of capitalism.

However, underhanded and scheming things, I'm not fine with.

These passes (as they now start to apply to single player campaigns as well), is another step towards controlling consumers and really not giving them choice/options. They also use underhanded techniques to get it accepted by the public.

That is why I would never want a single publisher to dominate the industry.

zeeshan2397d ago

How hard it is to TRUST your customers? Understand that this CAN and DOES happen? How hard can it be for EA to simply ask their customers for their old Online Passes, deactivate the old ones and generate and provide a NEW ONE that works. HOW HARD IS IT?

Online Passes SUCK! I'd be OK if it were to cost like $3 or even $5 but asking $10 for a new one because the one that you provided didn't work should be outright illegal and companies should be brought to the court of law. Yes, even a $1 theft/scam is a theft or scam or however you want to put it!

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Rainstorm812398d ago

I buy "NEW" and my BF3 code worked excellently......

Besides EA didnt say buy a new code.... But i understand your logic, No Online Pass = No problem to begin with

dark-hollow2398d ago

Your "NEW" copy is tied to your console only.

What if you want to play your "NEW" copy in a friend's house?

Rainstorm812398d ago

you can just not online, and yes it sucks but this is the modern gaming world that we live in, and your choices are accept the online pass on games you were going to purchase anyway or dont play the latest and greatest.

As for playing at a friends house you have some choices; your friend buys the game, you can gameshare, bring your ps3 or 360, or you just play offline.

Something as trivial as an online pass will not cause me to miss out on games like Batman:AC, U3, & BF3....especially when i planned to buy them all anyway

kaveti66162398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

"and your choices are accept the online pass on games you were going to purchase anyway or dont play the latest and greatest."

there are a couple of other choices.

Number 1. Publicly boycott the publishers who use online passes. It won't take a year, just three months. After three months when their quarterly revenue has plummeted, their CEOs will be fired and the passes will be removed.

Number 2. Pirate the game.

Number 3. Purchase one copy of the game in order to maintain a moral high ground, and then pirate additional copies of the game for use on other platforms.

papashango2398d ago

better yet what if your console dies. gotta re-purchase all your online passes. gratz console gamers. You've effectively let the them screw you.

Grip2397d ago

Raiinstorm81 in most Respected way plz Shut up

PixL2397d ago

@darkhollow & papashango: I can just log into my account and redownload the online pass, no problem here.



I totally agree on boycott, but not piracy. Piracy is illegal and will only come back to screw us as some stupid DRM policy...

The whole point is that big companies (in every industry) prey on both the uninformed and those with more money than common sense. As you said yourself, if we hold our purchases for a couple of months we could get there, but people either don't know that or don't mind the abusive costs just to play it early, so they never think about it. The hard cold truth is that we have more people complaining about frame rate, textures or platform specific features than about abusive costs, I mean, every week we see a new petition for something stupid but we rarelly see people getting organizes to stand up against online passes, pre-release DLC or other "modern gaming features".

I almost miss the days when games were for kids, as kids don't have their own money to spend like crazy, gamers were incredibly more selective. Now a days we see people that buy more than 40 games a year, every big release gotta be a day one purchase, even if most of the time this games never get finished.

KaBaW2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't you just have to transfer licenses?
If you transfer all licenses from your old xbox (via internet) it would be free.
Or, just simply re-activate your account on that new system, and all is fine.

I know it works with that way with any game or DLC that you've purchased.
I don't imagine that any Online Pass would be different than a 'DLC.'

PS - I'm referring to the x360.

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princejb1342398d ago

ea says go return the copy to the retail you bought it at
i say just remove the stupid online code requirement, that will equal to happy customers

theonlylolking2398d ago

We must fight the greed of the companies. Rise! For it is time to end this madness. Little by little Activision, EA, THQ, etc.. have been slowly finding ways to give the middle finger to their consumers. Eventually there would be a point of no return. The time is soon and if the support for these games with the online passes, DLC every month, content locked on disc and many more keep continuing then we only have ourselves to blame.

Remember that they are in the business for the money now, not for YOU!

theEx1Le2397d ago

I mean i know Activision recycle their franchises like crazy, but i'm honestly not seeing why they are in your list. They have never jumped on the bandwagon with this online pass/restricted content thing.


But EA is the saviour of gaming bcuz of BF3 and how is gonna take on Cod /s

Face it no game publishers is an angel.

MaxMurdoch2398d ago

Angel = Valve, CD project. Im sure there are a few others that look out for the customer.

Just not EA and Activision. You couldnt like those companies if you tried. They do everything they can to lose your business. I think we should all boycott at this point.

jdktech20102397d ago

Not even Valve are angels....they've had the same engine for nearly a decade but no one cries about it like they do with COD or Halo which amazes me

I love me some Valve but geeze

Brownghost2397d ago

how the hell is another shooter gonna save gaming when we need other games other than shooters. Really?

MischievousIQ2397d ago

I agree 100% but it didn't effect me cause I didn't buy BF3. ;P

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lugia 40002398d ago

Or you can go to EA live chat support and get a new one.

Hufandpuf2398d ago

I wonder how many users are affected.

ironfist922398d ago

One too many. Its a stupid practice which causes unnecessary problems to the buyers.

kennyboy2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

Yeah, "bf3 offers so much more than mw3" i believe these are the words of patrick bach, and i say, "LOL."

BUT, i agree it offers so much more than mw3, in costs.

Rainstorm812398d ago

Unless you add in COD ELITE....

dark-hollow2398d ago

Which is completely optional and won't hurt you if you didn't subscribe

KaBaW2397d ago

Unless you wanna buy all of the future (already planned) DLC. D:
I mean, all we wanna do is a have a good time, and play with our friends.

Michael-Jackson2398d ago

That's one of the downsides of an online pass and codes in general.

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