WoW name change to cost £6

Blizzard is now giving World of Warcraft players the ability to change their character name, something which will be of particular interest to players who've matured since they first created a character.

However, you'll want to make sure you pick a new name you're happy with because it'll cost you £6.00 (8,00€) for each change. There's also the problem of finding a name which isn't already taken, given the subscriber base is now over 9.3 million.

Name changing can be accessed in the Account Management section on

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MK_Red3921d ago

WoW was already a machine to rob the gamers but 6 for a simple name change? They could have easily broken into gamers houses and steal their money. That would have been less obvious.
Money for changing location, money for name change, no new game released in years (StarCraft 2 is not out and Burning was expansion...)

Blizzard, what have you become?

ddldave3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

actually, you got it wrong. they're robbing stupid people, not people. stupid people are different than people. besides, who cares if they're getting robbed by wow. isn't the world population doubling? and isn't our resources going to deplete? wow helps by making dumb people go broke and overweight, therefore causing them to die faster. the US and the rest of the world might as well legalize marijuana and other drugs, so all those crack heads can get stoned and get their vision, hearing, and thinking impaired so they can eventually do stupid stuff to kill themselves. Marijuana is the most important to legalize anyways, most kids who start off drugs use marijuana first and then move on to other stuff. Drugs and games might as well have levels, levels to being dumb. such as the higher level you are in wow, the dumber you are. works the same way as drugs, for example: Marijuana can be level 1, and maybe cocaine can be level 2, then ecstacy can be level 3, and meth can be level 4, and so on, etc. etc. besides, we need more room for brighter people in the world, not dumber people in the world.