A great mouse for sweaty gamers

Gizmodo take a look at Brando's new "Optiwind" mouse - a usb mouse with a built in fan for those long pc gaming sessions.

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BloodySinner3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Nice product. Personally, if my palms are sweating I just take a 5 minute break and wash my hands with soap and water and continue gaming. Hell, sometimes I have a towel next to me just in case I don't have the time to do so (especially when I'm playing online).

Umbrella Corp3708d ago

Finaly now if only there could be a controller version......


You mean just like Niko's Air Flo Controllers (I'v already seen PS2 and Xbox ones, don't know if have more) and Logitech ChillStream (PS3)?

ddldave3708d ago

great mouse for fat people.

tmatte3708d ago

... or just people with sweaty palms