Dual Shock 3 dissected - First photos

Gamesradar have located a number of photos of a dismantled dual shock 3 pad, so they can see whats inside..

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xaphanze3918d ago

Already have 2 six axis. Will be getting the white ceramic dual shock 3.

Violater3918d ago

and it makes playing uncharted feel so alive.

sfinXters3918d ago

Its DualShock 2 on the third page!

Lord Cheese3918d ago

yeah, i just noticed too - wish i didnt have my name on this article now!

whoelse3918d ago

Was about to say that. I think the white DS3 looks better than the white DS2.

MaximusPrime_3918d ago

im hoping to receive my Dual Shock 3 today or Monday.

resistance1003918d ago

same. Can't wait to play R&C again but with rumble this time. Also uncharted will be hugely boosted with rumble when its out in december

MaximusPrime_3918d ago

i just received Dual Shock 3! AND it is fab!

Guwapo773918d ago

didn't Sony go with the latest Immersion technology? The company said it wouldn't cost Sony a penny more than the current tech. If someone can find any info on why they chose to rough it out with the old tech please provide a link.

Thanks in advance.

resistance1003918d ago

The only 2 reasons i can think of are

-the sixaxis was orginally disigned with the DS motors in but they had to take them out. So rather than redesign the controller they just stuck them back in.

-The new tech only has one motor so it could effect the weight balence of the controller so they op'd with the old tech

quiddd3918d ago

but they should have made the white dual shock completely white.

Still looks good though from upclose.

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The story is too old to be commented.