EGTV: UT3 deathmatch action

Sorry, but Eurogamer has to say it once more: it's been an exceptionally strong year for first-person shooters. Console and PC gamers remain spoilt for choice - and if there's a unifying thread linking the strongest practitioners of the aim-and-fire method in 2007, it's ambition. The narrative ambition of Bioshock; the technical ambition of Crysis; the overwhelming generosity of ambition in Orange Box.

Unreal Tournament 3, in contrast, is rather more straightforward in its ambition: to provide the most satisfying shoot-the-shit-out-of-everyone experience on the market.

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Baba19063957d ago

wow teh vehicles look amazing hihi. cant wait.

BigKev453957d ago

Mark the date - UT3 for PS3!!