TR: Anniversary on Live

Eidos has whipped the downloadable version of Tomb Raider: Anniversary onto Xbox Live.

It lets those of you with a copy of Legend download the game in two packs containing two episodes. Each are around 1.5GB and will cost 1200 Points (GBP 10.20 / EUR 13.96).

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Dawg3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

So this works out at about the same price as the Retail packaged game. At least you can sell the retail pack when you are finished with it. This doesn't look like a good start for Full game distribution on Xbox live.

TheXgamerLive3924d ago

This will def. be a good time.

Mikey_Gee3924d ago

I tend to agree, for that price I will just buy the retail version of the game. That way it is portable and able to be sold when I am done with it (which I plan to do)

IF the price was cheaper then I would consider it.

KidMakeshift3924d ago

I wonder if it plays the same as the retail version or if the framerate has been fixed (please patch it).
I really don't understand why they didn't port the PC version of the game, which looks fantastic and plays at a supposed 60 fps.