Mass Effect - Flawed epic but the best of a mixed bunch

Greg Howson of The Guardian (UK) says the exploration aspect of Mass Effect feels a little undercooked, the enemy AI is erratic and there are framerate issues, but he thinks the flawed epic deserves a wide audience. He recommends Mass Effect over Mario & Sonic at the Olympics and Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, which also come out in the UK on the same day. He also briefly covers the other two titles.

(Howson is the video game reviewer for The Guardian. He has not published his Mass Effect review yet.)

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Darkiewonder3890d ago

Gives you that experience of an RPG that you've been wanting to play for a long time [If you're a fan of KOTOR and such] Very much different FROM JRPG but the experience is all quite the same.

If you haven't picked up this game. you should. While it may buggy at times, it still won't hinder your playtime with Mass Effect!

PS360PCROCKS3890d ago

I guess I am oblivious, other than the Ala Gears of War esque texture loading, it's perfectly fine for me. But than again, I don't think I can point frame rate issues out lol

MK_Red3890d ago

My biggest technical problem is how some of the non-main planets lack detail and textures seem a bit old. As for story, it's perfect but it's also unique for every gamers based on their character and choices.

rubarb233890d ago

i'm sure a patch will be coming out soon

BigKev453890d ago

Stop the crying. One of the best games made ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.