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PSLS: Battlefield 3 is finally here, and after all the heated and vocal arguing between developers and fans alike it’s time to find out if it can walk the walk, or if everything is just talk.

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doctorstrange1909d ago

Out in the UK. Can't wait to play it.

decimalator1909d ago

You poor Battlefield-less brits.

doctorstrange1909d ago

Some when, someone decided that games should come out on Fridays in the UK.

He should be punched.

aksmashh1909d ago (Edited 1909d ago )

I think friday makes more sense then tuesday
but the guy who decided that each region should have its own pricing and release date needs to be beaten like gadaffi

joinsideke1909d ago

Metal of Honor failed to put COD in it's place....

Praying for BF to rise up.

aksmashh1909d ago

Its always gonna be like that because its not easy to pick up play like COD but anyone half decent FPS is going to have alot of fun

decimalator1909d ago

I have to agree with the campaign. It started out great, then it just got stupid as it tried to be all plot-twisty. I won't give any spoilers, but it just didn't make sense.

DarkTower8051909d ago

Thats a shame. The plot twists in MW2 and Blops is what really turned me off. I was hoping for a solid campaign in BF3. I'm really missing the efforts put into the early MOH and COD campaigns, I hope someday the devs get back to that.

ftwrthtx1909d ago

I agree with you on the story. I felt lost and confused more than once and one scene should have been completely left out.

Going for a shock scene I think, but failed miserably.

decimalator1909d ago

Battlefield is trying too hard to one-up CoD, but they end up just looking dumb. They need to find their own place.

T3mpr1x1909d ago Show
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The story is too old to be commented.