Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Review (ObnoxiousGamer)

ObnoxiousGamer: The multiplayer in Battlefield 3 gives a new feel to the FPS genre - but not without its faults.

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superfranky1915d ago

7.5 for multiplayer? idiots

iamnsuperman1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Or it is their opinion and didn't like it. Just because they disagree with you doesn't mean they are idiots. Read the review next time. They had technical problems with it (servers) but said it was fun.

WolfLeBlack1915d ago

Exactly, ever reviewers opinion of the game is going to be different. Just because you disagree with the score doesn't make them idiots.

kennyboy1915d ago

i still dont see how anyone could think battlefield games are fun, i cant say they arent good, but fun i dont see how

Myth1915d ago

"Conquest operates like a capture the flag variant"

What? No it doesn't. Take his license away.

GroundsKeeperJimbo1915d ago

^That and only having a body of three paragraphs...

BeaArthur1915d ago

I only had issues finding games on Tuesday.

JellyJelly1915d ago

BFBC 2 had the best multiplayer I've experienced this gen. Battlefield 3 is even better. My rating goes without saying.

aksmashh1914d ago

100% Agree

Battlefield 3 has improved on BC2 in almost everyway, its confusing what people were expecting..

spenn20101915d ago

LMAO a 7.5 lol with all of its features, gameplay etc. I rated his site down and WTF'd his article. It seems anyone can have a site and get articles on N4g lol. Reviews are worthless i put my house on it that he isn't good at the game and and finds COD to be better and easier.

iistuii1915d ago

Read the IGN review, along with many others ?. They say that there is floating objects, bodies disappearing into the mountains,arms & legs sticking through buildings, poor AI, average single player, yet they then give it a 9. Tell me with all those problems how it gets a 9.

ObnoxiousGamer1914d ago

it doesn't take skill to be unable to find matches due to server issues. The gameplay is very good, and definitely more complex then call of duty. If the servers were functional at the time of the review, the grade would've been better. If you actually read the article, nothing was slammed about gameplay. But I wouldn't expect you to read the article and see the reason for the rating.

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