Nintendo Wii Super Mario Galaxy Bundle Coming?

According to a distributor in the UK, Nintendo Europe is getting ready to launch a new Wii bundle which will include Wii Sports and Super Mario Galaxy.

This would be big news as it would make it by far the best value in the gaming industry as two pack-in games is almost unheard of, especially when you factor in that retailers cannot even keep the system stocked for more than an hour or so before selling out.

Wii Sports has been the standard pack-in game for Nintendo since launch though so it is possible that Nintendo wants to change things up and include Super Mario Galaxy as well.

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MaximusPrime_3959d ago

I seen adverts for the game everywhere. it seems that they never actually updated the poster. It still reads *U R MR GAY" (follow the stars on the letter)

RadientFlux3959d ago

bah I picked up a Wii back in the summer and just picked Super Mario Galaxy last night... I should have waited.

KeiZka3959d ago

"Hardcore" gamers, that's what you'll want.

As Maestro would say, GOTY.

solar3959d ago

why? SMG will sell itself...and of course nintendo doesnt need any help selling wii's. i dont see it as a very smart move...

KeiZka3959d ago

the "Hardcore" segment has to be satisfied, or something... Then again, Ninty has always done bundles at some point.

BubyDudy3959d ago

That's true, I agree. On the other hand, George Harrison has stated that they expect a drop of interest in the end of January so it could be a bundle they are preparing to present when this drop happens, in a try to bring it up again.

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