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Batman: Arkham City Review — The Dark Knight Repeats (GameFront)

GameFront, "Batman: Arkham City is a game of contradictions, capable of the highest highs and lowest lows. Though filled with an immense variety of things to do, it often feels repetitive. Though many publications were quick to award it perfect scores, the game is far from perfect." (Batman: Arkham City, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 72/100

Ahasverus  +   1268d ago
Did anyone call the troll?
buckley  +   1267d ago
Well, he'll probably get hits for it.
SoapShoes  +   1267d ago
Bu bu but it's his opinion! /s
cyclonus007  +   1267d ago

kramun  +   1267d ago
'though you’ll rely two buttons more than 90% of the time'

If you're an idiot, then yeah, you might. I suppose being able to play the game well and not rely on those two buttons is too much to ask to get the most out of the games fighting dynamics.

'each set piece brawl is very much like the brawls that came before.'

Depends on whether you keep tapping the same two buttons I'd have thought. Ever wondered what would happen if you used different tactics?

'do I incapacitate that thug with the Batclaw or the Batarang? What about a Sonic Batarang? Or a Remote-controlled Batarang? Or, better yet, a Freeze Grenade? Expert players will become adept at weaving these devices into their combat routines, and the game rewards you for doing so, but for normal players, too much choice can feel overwhelming.'

Yes, let's take be negative about giving you options. Instead we should concentrate on using a two button technique to play the game. Because some of us can't get our heads around using different ways to defeat the enemies.

Giving too many options is bad. It's Rocksteady's fault, how dare they.
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MasterCornholio  +   1267d ago
He must be an iPhone user.


nycredude  +   1267d ago
i agree with the fact that if the brawling part of the fighting mechanics are extremely repetitive. it's pretty much drop into the middle of a group of guys hit square, square, square, counter with triangle, triangle, etc. but it just never gets old to me. So much fun owning mutherfvckers. besides there much more to the game than just melee. The game is not a ten but it surely isn't a 7. IMO it's at least a 9 and is the best comic book superhero game ever.

This guys probably just has bad timing, hand eye coordination, and just plain sucks at the game.
axerated  +   1267d ago
ha, there always has to be 1! guess he just doesnt like fun...

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