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Joe Martin of has reviewed Unreal Tournament 3, giving it 9/10.

"The two [PhysX enabled] levels boast all sorts of cool features and the descriptions are practically bursting with buzzwords. Destructible environments, dynamic physics, gravity guns – the whole nine yards. We jumped in to both levels and tried them out.

Reaction: Immediate disappointment. On the standard gaming rig we use – housing an Athlon 64 X2 4800+, a GeForce 8800 Ultra and 2GB of RAM whilst running Vista – the framerate fell through the floor. What had previously averaged at a smooth 30-35 FPS with everything on maximum now suffered 4-7FPS even with everything on minimum."

"Unreal Tournament 3 is an excellent game and there's no doubt in my mind that it'll be the backbone of PC multiplayer gaming for a fair old while – alongside Team Fortress 2, of course. Frankly, it knocks Enemy Territory: Quake Wars out of the water like the limp fish it is. Then it beats it to death with something embarrassing and probably slightly rude."

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BigKev453888d ago

Mark the date - UT3 for PS3!

aiphanes3888d ago

I just got COD4 and Heavenly Sword at target for $48 all i have left to get is Uncharted and UT3...and maybe Ratchet and Clank..

I guess i could buy one game for my Xbox 360..that is collecting dust...maybe Mass Effect?

ThisIsWaiting3888d ago

Why are you trying to be a phag and putting down the 360 in a thread THAT HAS NOTHING TO F'N DO WITH THE 360!?

Lord Cheese3888d ago

Whoa - chill mate...i'm sure his comment was just in passing and wasnt intended as a troll :O)

ThisIsWaiting3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Something to play on my PS3 ... maybe ... still waiting for the actual PS3 reviews before I get my hopes up.

If it reviews higher for the PC, I'll just get it for the PC then.