Here's a fun game: Try to buy a Wii

A year after the Nintendo Wii started out a distant third to Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3 in the video game hype wars, the tables have turned.

Savvy shoppers are resorting to special tactics to track down the hard-to-find Wiis, which have benefited from a year's worth of word-of-mouth marketing to remain at the top of wish lists as the holiday shopping season formally kicks off today.

Although Nintendo of America spokeswoman Anka Dolecki said the company will have twice as many Wiis available as it did at the product's launch last November, desperation is likely to grow as demand is expected to match supply between now and Christmas.

As of Wednesday, Wii shelves were empty at Best Buy, Target, Circuit City, Toys R Us and GameStop stores, according to, which updates supplies at online retailers. Wal-Mart had the consoles in stock but only as a bundle with games and other accessories for more than $600. The console alone retails for $250.

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The Maverick3892d ago

as i have stated before i believe the wii to be nothing more then a crazy fad, sure it helps obese people to lose weight but what about the rest of us who want to stop the end of the world on call of duty, or travel around the galaxy in mass effect, granted mario can do that but it definitely isnt as good looking or a deep, or do many other things yet when i see advertisemets fo wii i think to myself seriously people want to buy this an overhyped gamecube with a remote, and games that my little sister finds boring. so much for that demographic, the wii basically is for those people who are gaming illiterite or just cant cut it on real games.

BloodySinner3892d ago

It doesn't help the obese lose weight. That's just a cheap excuse for the fat 12 year old child to convince their parents to get him/her one. If people want to lose weight, go to the gym and get the serious exercise.

ravinash3892d ago

"so much for that demographic, the wii basically is for those people who are gaming illiterite or just cant cut it on real games".

You just described 95% of the population on Earth.
Thats why the Wii is doing so well.
The Wii is the console for non console people.

rofldings3892d ago

The wii; biggest hype train since halo.

eclipsegryph3892d ago

It's not often you find someone who is shallow, closed AND cruel minded all at once. I don't know if I should praise you for your accomplishment or weep for you.

desolationstorm3892d ago

I wouldnt nearly stick up for wii as much as i do if people didnt attack it so damn much. Yes the wii has a lot of crap games, but so does every system specifically a system that has poeple going crazy over. Not to mention when the system that is bringing poeple back or into gaming that have been away or never experienced it before. Blame poeple trying to take advantage of new gamers not the wii.

Why must everyone try and act like an elitest or something? Elitest are @ssholes. Oh I have a mac so Im better then you, I enjoy art films, I enjoy indie music and what not. Your not better you enjoy somehting differnt. oh Im a real gamer so I am so much better because I enjoy "deep gameplay which can only be experianced on my system.

The wii is a system that has been out a year and has some good software. Some with casual gameplay and others with deeper gameplay. Any system that has been out for a year doesnt get a whole lot high caliber games in that year. Only because on the wii poeple have to decide who they are going after the larger casual gamer who buy less games per year group or the smaller "hardcore"(cant think of another label) who buy more games per year group. We are seeing games for both groups and will continue to see it.

There are going to be serious developers and @sshole ones that produce games for the wii some will have deeper gameplay and others not so much doesnt make the games from serious developers any less of a game. If its good its good doesnt matter the gameplay type.

The ps2 sold so well because it captured the casual gamer and hardcore gamer all alike. Had a tremendous amount of people who bought just the sports games year in and year out and really nothing else. My cousin buys a system or two every genertion but all he buys is football and baseball games with the only other games being Soecom that he buys. He will buy a ps3 not because he knows its a blueray player or really any other reason then that he buys playstation. Hes a casual gamer might buy 4 games a year and those are pretty much the samething each year. He might like some "hardcore" games but he is a casual gamer none the less. Oh and he is also gonna buy a wii.

Ive lost myself here, but maybe it makes sense.

Vizion263892d ago

The Wii is so much of a fad that it is the fastest selling console ever and surpassed 360 in sales even though it had a 1 year head start. The Wii won't last long, by 2012 it is going to die. Just wait and see. (Sarcasm)

rofldings3892d ago

woo - another crappy game for the wii!

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Loopy3892d ago

Here's a fun game: Try not to buy the wii.

Ares843892d ago

I won't go out there to buy a one less person to worry about!! haha....if you want a Wii that bad than get it from online! Maybe you'll pay a little more but you could get it!!
It's facinating how badly people want the lowest quality hardware with the lowest quality of games out there. (SMG is good but it doesn't save the Wii from the other 1000 bad games it has)

Rooftrellen3892d ago

People are still rushing out to get the weakest console with the most bad games from last gen.

wiizy3892d ago

the hottest thing on earth will be hard to find...there must be alot of ps3's collecting dust though

Marty83703892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

The longer Wii is hard to get, it benefits Nintendo's competitors plain and simple.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

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