10 Contenders for the MMO Crown

Gameplayer has taken a look at 10 hot upcoming MMO's and whether or not they can take the crown off of World of Warcraft to be the king of the online genre.

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Spike473831d ago

all the way.

the only drawback from mmos are the monthly fees.

I know most would say that without that they would'nt make updates and stuff.

well that's not true, I've played mmos tha are simply great and are free.

green3831d ago

really excited over Huxley.Hope there wont be any monthly fees.well we will soon findout

nekon3831d ago

Tabula Rasa by Ncsoft & Richard Garriot is the only MMO that will matter soon.!

OOG FunK3831d ago

Ive been interested in seeing how APB turns out esp since the godfather of GTA is running the show......lets hope most of these games end up good

HarryEtTubMan3831d ago

PS3 has a buttload of MMO'S coming. DC COMICS, The Agency, 4 NC SOFT with one new IP,Oblivion mmorpg,Free Realms(also made by Sony) That about 10 lol and I forgot a couple

Synex3831d ago

Hopefully the Bethesda MMORPG is absolutely amazing (That would be the Oblivion one). They really know how to make a great single player MMO, now if only they can make an online Oblivion(I prefer Morrowind, but nobody knows of it.) that would be awesome.