Ubisoft: New IP is a serious business

Ubisoft UK boss Rob Cooper has been celebrating the sales success of Assassin's Creed – and stated that it proves new IP can still shift serious numbers at retail.

"I think the success worldwide of Assassin's Creed absolutely proves that new IP can live and prosper within the sequel and licensed based competition," he told MCV. "The industry is crying out for new and compelling content and we're delighted that AC has lived up to its expectations."

"The launch of Assassin's has been a huge global success. There are a number of factors for this in the UK. One is that the game has gripped a nation of gaming consumers. With licensed or sequel based titles, it's easier to know what to expect, but with Assassin's Creed there has been a ground swell of excitement since we first showed it at E3 06."

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The Maverick3958d ago

Assasin creed like Halo was hyped up, yet sadly assasins creed like halo was a major disapointment, the fact thati have to rely call of duty an excellant game but never the less a multiplatform game to fufil my fps pleasure sure does anger me, having played all three games of their previous franchise PoP i was expecting much more and though it wasnt as bad as say the new crash bandicoot lol, in terms of everything it appeared to offer it was a letdown and i dont care how many copies it sells nothing will convice me otherwise i mean people are still trying to buy a wii. F**ked up world

Sevir043958d ago

alot of people let the industry reviews clopud there own judgment. AC's while it may have some issues in frame rates. it's still a playable and quite an enjoyable game... i dont think the 7's it got was fair... it's at best and 8.5-9... i just cant believe how people allow IGN or gamespot, 1up and others to tell them how to enjoy a game.... sorry but thats as close to fankid as anyone can get. AC lived up to it's hype and people are still enjoying it. only the fankids on this site that listen to ign and various other reviews site are down in the dumps because they are like zombies that feed off reviews to play a game. to everyone that takes anothers word on a video game to play... let them cloud your head verses making your own descision...

AC was great, and i cerstainly am still playing it.

The Only Truth3958d ago

"The industry is crying out for new and compelling content and we’re delighted that AC has lived up to its expectations.”

Please, Mr Cooper, read some of the reviews and fix the bugs and all the problems ! Then we can say you will develop a great game !

Sale numbers mean nothing. Yeah, it was all hype and you are overwhelmed the first 2 hours, but then you realize how repetitive the game is (no one could ever deny THIS fact !).
I got AC too and it is fun, but far away from being a classic or memorable game.

It lived up to his hype (speaking of final sales), but it hasn't lived up to its expectations...

MK_Red3958d ago

Assassin's Creed was a great game and deserved great sales. As for reviews, many great reviewers gave it good scores because the experience of AC alone was worth all the problems. GameInformer and GameTrailers as prime examples (9.5 and 9.1).
And as for bugs, they are always big problems in open world games and GTA3/ VC / SA and Oblivion had more bugs than Assassins yet they got 9s and 10s. People formed an agenda against Jade Raymond and Assassins Creed but they will regret it and find the error of their ways (Or I hope so).

TechWiz3957d ago

AC is great game and hopefully great sequel. Some reviewers gave it bad score for being repetitive, but all games are repetitive.