The golden age of videogames

Edge magazine is notoriously parsimonious when it comes to handing out 10 out of 10 review scores for video games but in the past three issues there have been three of them.

Halo 3, The Orange Box and Super Mario Galaxy have all been awarded one of the highest accolades in gaming - a perfect score from Edge. And plenty of other games have been given near perfect scores also - from Bioshock to Crysis, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Call of Duty 4.

The Edge scores are just one of a number of signs that reinforce a growing feeling that videogames are enjoying a golden age.

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Alcohog3959d ago

Edge is a joke. Waaaaaaaay too opinionated to be taken seriously.

skillshot3959d ago

Lmao. Whats 'Drakes Progress'? Was this written by an old lady? (See scores on the right).

I remember once at school, some kids were wrestling, and one got hurt. In assembly, the teacher said, while meaning The Rocks 'Peoples Elbow'...

'Earlier there was an incident. Somebody 'dropped the Citizens Elbow' onto <name>'

.. How we laughed.

xm15e2s3959d ago


Had to look that one up. lol

bootsielon3959d ago

Is overrated, and so are game reviews.

3959d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.