Unreal Tournament 3 First Patch in the Works - Details

The first patch fixes a long list of issues in gameplay, AI, demo playback, server browser, user interface, HUD, networking, server administration, maps, campaign/co-op, and modding. See the full article for details.

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KDash3958d ago

whats with this patching bullsh!t lately? i miss my good old "SNES"...

Capt CHAOS3958d ago

It's not even out on the 360...

DethWish3958d ago

Not yet out on the PS3 either..
But maybe because it's confirmed for both?

WilliamRLBaker3958d ago (Edited 3958d ago )

I'm sure this is excluding both the ps3. Consoles have much more stringent guidelines on release quality even Ps3 has this.

PCs on the other hand? lets release it unfinished and then finish it later, nearly all pc games are released this way, the major problems we're fixed first the minor problems left for an update.

Edit: yes i know it was confusing sorry, i just woke up.

aiphanes3958d ago

They probably had to include these fixes in the PS3 version to get Sony Certified...

DethWish3958d ago

The beta patch of this has been released already, fixing numerous of those issues.