Is Marlin the best kept secret in tech?

A brand new technology is coming to gadgets from Samsung, Sony and others next year - but they may not want to talk about it. The reason? The technology is a new digital rights management system called Marlin that could dominate the CE and PC industries for years to come. No wonder it wants to remain under the radar.

It's not hard to see why: public attitudes to DRM have hardened in the last couple of years following a string of high profile disasters from Sony's root kit farrago to the restrictions imposed on iPod owners by Apple's FairPlay system.

Marlin however promises to be entirely different. It's the result of a joint effort between Samsung, Sony, Philips, Panasonic and InterTrust, and promises to kill off the old 'restrictive DRM' models we've had to put up with in the past. But what does that mean?

Talal Shamoon of InterTrust told that Marlin is 'domain-centric', that is it enables people living in the same house to share content easily and freely with each other, now matter where it comes from, or what on kind of device it's going to be played back on.

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