Demand for Wii still running high

Each holiday season, a couple of hard-to-find toys send parents hunting from store to store. And, each season, they're soon forgotten.

For instance: Has your Elmo gotten any tickles lately?

But this year, it looks as if the gift everybody is looking for is the same as last year: the Nintendo Wii.

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wiizy3921d ago

of course you expect the hottest thing on earth to be hard to find

no_more_heroes3920d ago

when I couldn't buy my 360. I just felt this sudden strong urge to buy one. Don't know how I withstood that, because I have little self-control.

MK_Red3920d ago

PS3 and 360 deserve to the most wanted not Wii. But hey, in a market that true works of art and gaming masterpieces like Okami, Shadow of Colossus and Psychonauts fail commercially while likes of Wii Play, Madden and such sell millions, it's obvious that Wii is outselling PS3 and 360.