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BioWare confirm Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC

IncGamers: Maps? Characters? Weapons? Other? (Mass Effect 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

iamironman  +   1313d ago
i love it when companies say theyre looking to get even more money out of you before youve even bought the main game
dark-hollow  +   1313d ago
Bu bu bu but they need moar profit because they are so poor fighting teh evil used market!!!
ironfist92  +   1313d ago
Great, now another GOTY edition I'm gonna have to wait for.
Fishy Fingers  +   1313d ago
A modern high profile game is looking to continue support through DLC? Well I'll be....
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solar  +   1313d ago
And for the reasonable price of $15!!!!
blizzard_cool  +   1313d ago
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guys support the game, I'm ok with that but for !#$& sake stop buying the DLC and supporting stuff like this! DON'T YOU MORONS(directed at the people buying the DLC) REALIZE THAT IT HAS GONE TO FAR!
This could have been in the game but they know that they can get a few extra bucks because you won't stop being idiots(again @ the DLC buyers)!
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Captain Qwark 9  +   1313d ago
best part is the multi will likely suck nuts and there acting like its already popular lol. more wasted resources, if the singleplayer game suffers becuase the felt the need to tack on some lame a** multi im going to be pissed
BrightFalls76  +   1313d ago
ME1 was one of my favorite games this generation and while I enjoyed ME2 I agree they lost their way with the game which was technically solid but was nowhere near as focused as ME1. The multiplayer in ME3 looks like a continuation of this and quite frankly feels like BioWare testing the waters for a ME-MMO next generation.
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TheBlackMask  +   1313d ago
I knew it....they made multiplayer so they could make more DLC thus leading to them gaining more money

Bioware have fallen
caseh  +   1313d ago
Every single company now releases DLC, I can't understand the hatred just because they announce DLC.

This is the way its been for ages, I think I own about 50 games. About 49 of those have DLC available.
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nCiTy  +   1313d ago
Man this feels like that child hood Christmas where you ask for all these cool toys and instead you get socks.
ZombieAssassin  +   1313d ago
Wow a bunch of little babies crying, no one is forcing you to buy the DLC or the game.

I swear most of you all chose the wrong hobby.
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Bobbytheblobby  +   1313d ago
the 'crying' isn't about forcing you to buy DLC, it's about paying extra for content that should probably already be on the disc. DLC that comes out a week/month after the game? that's bullshit, it was clearly finished in time to be on the disc.

nigthwing batman dlc, i'm looking at you.

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