PALGN Review: Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online on PS3

Aside from a brief cameo experience on the Game Boy Advance, the Tekken series has had a strong affiliation with Sony. Ever since the first Tekken title debuted on the original PlayStation, Sony fans have been given a reliable franchise that's consistantly pushing Sony's hardware. Last year's Dark Resurrection (a port of the arcade version) pushed the PSP and resulted in a brilliant fighting game. With Tekken 6 still quite a while away, Namco Bandai has released a virtually arcade perfect port of Dark Resurrection for the PlayStation 3, but with some online features. Is the game a slapdash port or a title that no PlayStation 3 owner should be without?

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mighty_douche3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

...and a great way to hold me over till Tekken 6 arrives. but its not the complete tekken experience (no cut scenes after completing it which was a shame).

Skerj3955d ago

Yeah you had to purchase the 3 exclusive to DR with ingame money and download it within the game. It's still pretty awesome to play online, voice chat adds a lot to the experience especially when you have a few people in the room.

mighty_douche3955d ago

i do like the lobby style with winning staying on, and you allowed to watch what will be your next challenge. its great for if you have multiple friends on at the same time.

you get much lag though? i seem to get quite abit even though all my other games are fine.

Skerj3955d ago

Depends, I've had some pretty lag free matches from people all over the world. Then one person would join a game and lag us all to hell, only when they left would it return to normal. I heard playing in the rooms without voicechat enabled are relatively lag free but I've played in both and didn't notice a big difference. If you stick to rooms with high-full green bars and around 3-4 players you should be good.

Jamaicangmr3955d ago

I bought this one before the online patch played it a few times with my friends. Didnt really have much incentive to beat it with each character as there where no more characters to unlock or cutscences to watch. (Other than the special 3 you purchase) However when they released the online add on (US$10) it quickly rocketed up in use to now one of my most played PS3. It's got my bigger brother back into gaming and he's been out of it since the early PS2 days. Tekken 5 DR: Online is just a solid title a must have for any PS3 owner who's even slightly into fightin games.

jinn3955d ago

this game shouldn't even be talked about anymore, it was so boring