IGN AU reviews Mario Party DS: 'best Mario Party game since Gamecube days'

This is the best Mario Party game since Gamecube days. That's quite a feat for Hudson, considering the series took an abrupt nosedive into mediocrity on the latest Wii version. The DS is the perfect platform for this series in a lot of ways; the various input methods allow for a pretty impressive variety of games across the 70-plus available. But there are a number of issues that hold this game back from party perfection.

Ultimately, there is a lot here for a DS game - and so there should be. This is a series that has probably reached saturation point (although it sells by the truckload, so it ain't going anywhere) but there's probably enough new content and direction to make this a worthwhile party outing for gamers who are new to the series. Just be mindful of the numerous rough edges.

Overall score: 7.3/10

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