Blu-ray wins 97 per cent of HD recorder sales in Japan

J. Mark Lytle reports for on 23 Nov 2007:

"It's hard to know what to make of the latest statistics on the battle for supremacy between Blu-ray and HD DVD because of the fact that they're from Japan, home of so many of Blu-ray's backers. Nevertheless, the degree to which HD DVD has fallen behind in Japan in sales of the crucial high-end HD TV recorders is stark.

According to the Blu-ray Disc Association, the figures from the week ending 12 November for sales of next-generation machines capable of recording show just 2.8 per cent of them were HD DVD units. The remaining 97.2 per cent were, of course, Blu-ray devices."


See Alternative Sources for additional charts from Japan.

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Madbrain3918d ago

BlueRay is the future....

mighty_douche3918d ago

and generally Asia are ahead of the rest of the world in tech. will this spead to other territories, who knows?

Loopy3918d ago

It's normal for a recorder.
Blu-Ray has more space to record than hd-dud.

mighty_douche3918d ago

i think they record to Hard-Drives, they're not DVD recorders/burners. disc space is irrelevant!

Loopy3918d ago

Disc space IS relevant.
Even if you record it on a hard drive, the backup is done on a disc.
Blu-Ray has more space, hence more videos can fit in.

mighty_douche3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

dvd RECORDERS, not dvd BURNERS, these players allow you to record tv/media to a hard-drive, they dont allow you to rip data off a disc (blu-ray or HD) to the hard drive and they dont allow you to burn data to a disc (blu-ray or HD) so like i said this has nothing to do with disc storage.

if they do burn data to a disc it will be a STANDARD DVD9.

so... yes i did think before i posted..... did you?

Loopy3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

A blu-ray recorder records the show from TV to a hard drive or BD-R blu-ray disc. So disc space IS relevant. It doesn't record on a DVD-9.
Nobody here is talking about ripping the content of a blu-ray disc into a hard drive.

Why don't you google blu ray recorder, maybe you'll gain some knowledge after all.
Here I'll do it for you

Or here quoting from here, which has a 1TB Hard Drive and BR Burner:
"At the Harvey Norman retail conference in Melbourne, Australia, Hitachi revealed their plans to release a 1TB (1000GB) Blu-ray recorder on the market sometime in 2008. The device will most likely be a set-top box with a Blu-ray burner drive and one of Hitachi's Deskstar 1TB hard drives, making it perfect for recording HDTV programs and recording them on a disc transportability. No other specs have been released at this time, but the device is expected to retail around $2000AU. "

Itachi3918d ago

mighty_douche lives up to his name LOL

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mighty_douche3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

the PS3 is a player, not a recorder. there no mention of the PS3 in the article which im sure there would be if they were counted.

i take it you read the article?

ravinash3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

But still 97%.....even if you took the PS3 out of the equation, how many other players would there be?
After all, the sales of PS3 are only just starting to pickup as well.

Ah, true...didn't notice the recorder bit in the title.

MaximusPrime_3918d ago

97 % ??? Wow!

Thats it BluRay won the battle.

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