'Mass Effect' plays out like a motion picture

BioWare, the developers of "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" returns with a compelling sci-fi epic that will force gamers to make difficult ethical choices in the context of saving the galaxy.

In "Mass Effect," for the Xbox 360, the gamer takes the role of Shepard, an elite soldier who can explore the universe on the ship the SSV Normandy.

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This game is simply unreal. Just past the 25 hour mark. Superb !


socomnick3921d ago

Im on my second play through Im playing a bad ass now.

OpiZA3922d ago

Got delayed in my Country

So this makes the wait even that much harder :D

bizzy123922d ago

goty game addicted as hell i play for 10 hours straigth on one planet and dident get boring

Lacarious3922d ago

Seriously... this game is goooooooooooooood. Great story... great gameplay... sucky grenade controls but who cares. this game is da shiz!!! Fable 2 and Lost Oddessey betta bring it!

PS360PCROCKS3922d ago

No! Grenades are so can pin guys in and when they try to move, bam! They take a while to get used to but I think their fun

BigKev453922d ago

Great game, great RPG. It's none of that turn based crap. Plays out like a movie.

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The story is too old to be commented.