Hands-on: GameSpot paints the town red with de Blob

de Blob is an innovative-looking Wii platform/action adventure title which sees you controlling a paint-filled blob of jelly. Yes, you read that correctly. The game itself has had an interesting history, having been first developed as a free PC game by a group of Dutch game development students before being quickly snapped up by THQ, who then gave it to Aussie studio Blue Tongue to transform into a full-fledged console title.

The main character in the game is the aforementioned de Blob, a cute, squishy, jelly-like creature who can retain paint within his body and splash colour on any object he touches. The story sees de Blob going up against the nefarious INKT Corporation and its agents who have stripped all colour from the world, apparently because they believe that colour is a crime.

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that one def sounds interesting