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GameInsider: Battlefield 3 Review - Paying Full Price For A Fun Multiplayer, Nothing More

Ever since the revealing of the initial eye-popping PC gameplay trailer, BF3 has been at the forefront of shooter fans imaginations. Will the game really look that good, will the game actually play and sound that incredible? Well, the simple answer to put all at ease is YES……..if you’re playing the game on PC. For the majority of gamers worldwide who will experience the game on either their PS3 or Xbox 360, let’s just say, thankfully DICE delivered the goods where it counts. (Battlefield 3, PS3, Xbox 360) 8.7/10

ArchangelMike  +   1190d ago
Over all a good review, but why score down a miltiplayer game, that added a singleplayer campaign. If the game was primarily a singleplayer experience, with added multiplayer (Crysis 2 for example) then I'd understand the critisicm. Moreover the single player experience is not bad at all, if abit disjointed. It's actually more coherent than the campaign of MW2, not quite up there with COD 4, and it obviously borrows from Black Ops in places. I agree. But my point is, Battlefield 3 is first and foremost a multiplayer experience, not a singleplayer experience.

I guess I may just have a diferent perspective, maybe it's because I don't play games to review them, I play games to exerience the fun of them! In terms of overall fun factor Battlefield 3 is up there with the best FPS of any generation.
finbars75  +   1189d ago
I concur ArchangelMike. I felt that the SP was good and the co-op was awesome with lots of replay value with out the MP, even though it is there bread and butter which they havnt disappointed at all.
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