New Battlefield 3 PC Bug Prevents You From Finishing The Game

Update: A new bug is found by veteran players who are about to finish the game. It's characterized by inability of your character to jump if you mapped your "jump" control to a different key aside from spacebar (default). Meanwhile, we also receive another key-binding related glitch sent by a player to Battlefield's twitter page.

In case you experienced the same problem, show it in the discussion below.

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jozzah2486d ago

Because non veteran players wouldn't find this out?

xtremexx2485d ago

well couldn't they just change it back to space?

lykaice2485d ago

Yep, that's the thing!

KillerPwned2485d ago

I never have experienced any problems with this game at all yet. Yeah sure little lag but that is in every game. I just beat the SP this morning and now am putting more time into the MP.

kramun2485d ago

That wouldn't happen on the ps3™.