Games of the Year - 2007 in Review by Planet Xbox 360 - Part 1

"As 2007 draws to a close, the staff at Planet Xbox 360 begins its look back at what was probably one the best years in console gaming history; at least for Xbox 360 owners. While Sony scuffled with lost exclusives and ever-changing hardware configurations, and developers struggled with designing quality games for the Wii, Xbox 360 gamers reaped the benefits of a system already a year into its lifecycle. No matter which game genres you prefer, 2007 produced multiple titles worthy of your hard-earned currency. Over the next few weeks, the staff of PX360 will present the games that they feel earned special recognition in 2007. Hopefully you haven't mailed your letter to Santa just yet, as there may have been a few games you missed this year that are worthy of every gamer's library."

In part 1, Planet Xbox 360 picks:
• Best Xbox Live Arcade Game of 2007
• Best Alternative Sports Game of 2007

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