Tribune - Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Review

Tribune writes: "Capcom’s wisecracking photojournalist and hero of Willamette, Frank West, has returned to the foray in this iteration of Dead Rising 2. He’s a little worse for wear since the last time we saw him in the original Dead Rising, having been exposed to the ravages of a meteoric rise to fame and subsequent downfall. This is where the game opens, giving players a synopsis of Frank’s post-Willamette life, with Frank wallowing in his own misery and drinking hard liquor straight from the bottle. As the introduction winds down, however, we see that Frank hasn’t quite hit rock bottom…that is, not until he dons a rather unflattering leotard and takes to the stage as a contestant for Terror is Reality. Frank’s fifteen minutes may be up, but he’s determined to make the best out of a bad situation. Fortunately for him, as he sits in the show’s locker room, counting his winnings and wondering how he’d sunk this low, another outbreak occurs. Thus begins this second romp through Fortune City, and Frank’s quest for redemption."

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