Analysis: Nintendo Is Out of Touch

Carl B. of writes, "Don't shoot the messenger, but Nintendo has posted a $924 million loss in its second quarter financial records. They certainly aren't doomed. They're just incredibly out of touch with the majority of the gaming public, especially in North America, and they've come to believe that their brand will sell itself."

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Main_Street_Saint2400d ago

I will admit they have been making errors that are pretty easily rectified.

MaxXAttaxX2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I'm not sure what they're trying to accomplish with the Wii U. Will it have the same appeal as the Wii? Not sure about that. The Wii's novelty has worn off. I think we'll see results similar to the 3DS.
And I'm not sure why they didn't release Xenoblade and The Last Story in the Western hemisphere either.

I'm just really not sure about Nintendo at the moment -_- .

Sidology2400d ago

If seppuku was still popular, I think Nintendo's work force would be greatly diminished about now.

BitbyDeath2400d ago

Seems like history is repeating itself.

Last time Sony was in the lead they also stated that the brand would sell itself and people would work harder to get it. And also displayed a wacky controller of their own.. the boomerang.

Here's hoping Nintendo come to their senses soon and get rid of that horrible tablet thing.

ChickeyCantor2400d ago

The boomerang just looked silly and didn't add functionality to anything.
Comparing it to the tablet is just typical N4G logic.

I'm not even surprised you went there.

Lyr1c2400d ago

Actually, for people that actually had the boomerang in their hands. It has been said to have been the most comfortable controller they every used.

I admit..It did look silly though.

I wouldn't act as if the tablet controller is anything special either. It isn't even multi-touch.

ChickeyCantor2400d ago (Edited 2400d ago )

I said it looked silly, never said anything about how it feels in your hand.

Whether the tablet is multitouch or not, it does so much more for games. It adds non-standard layouts and can provide extra mechanics which would not be possible with just a "boomerang"-controll er ...which did nothing but have a different shape compared to the PS2 controller.

It is special for consoles. The DS showed how multiscreens can be utilized for games in combination with a touch screen.

Ubisofts GR is a franchise I didn't want to play until they showcased the commander mode. This game mode wouldn't be as good ( or possible for that matter) without the tablet on a console.

I think people really are missing the potential of the tablet.
Comparing it to a silly looking controller( the reason why sony changed it backed to the sixaxis ) with no functionality that could open doors for new mechanics and ideas is just stupid. It really is.

Even if you think it's horrible looking, it adds functionality. And I don't see how that is a bad thing.

Biggest2398d ago

How did this turn into a Sony conversation? And how does a controller that was never released relevant at all? There are fewer parallels with Sony and Nintendo in this respect than with Nintendo and Nintendo. They always pull this crap. Start strong, get stronger, and then go batshit crazy. Sony didn't lose touch with what made the Playstation important. Nintendo often stretches themselves to find "new" options that are far from what people actually want.

RoboRyan2400d ago

I want to get a handheld and was considering a 3DS but I'm waiting to see reviews for Vita. The lack of first party support for 3DS, and not bringing Wii exclusives I want to the US makes me reluctant to spend money on another Nintendo system.

2400d ago
RoboSpiff2399d ago

well, theres Ocarina of Time. This coming Month we will have the new Mario Land, and soon after Mario Kart

PixL2400d ago

This makes me sad as I believe only the Japanese know how to make good consoles. I also see a lot of quality in Nintendo games.

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