A Look Under the Hood of the Gran Turismo 5 DLC Package

PSLS writes: "It’s been nearly a year since Gran Turismo 5 screamed to the starting line after years of development. Constant updates and seasonal races have been enough reason to come back for some, but now the first set of downloadable content for the game has been released. It includes two tracks, 15 vehicles, racing gear, and paint items, all available under a complete package or individual parts. It’s an enticing package, but is it worth your hard-earned money?"

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LostTokens2455d ago

Ooo, go-karts in Gran Tourismo? Shweet!

Godmars2902455d ago

Haven't they been in GT5 since launch?

jeseth2455d ago

Lots of stuff for only $9 (PSN Price)!!! Awesome cars, paints, add ons, tracks, etc.

Its DLC that actually is worth a damn. Not just a couple extra hours.

Can't wait for more GT5 DLC. Nice job.

arjman2455d ago


Can't tell if serious

stormeagle62455d ago

Seems really silly to me.

Me-Time2455d ago

Tell that to the people who've gone on to become professional racers/F1 drivers. Karting is the start to most of their experience.

Hicken2455d ago


...well, I don't have a choice just yet. But I DO get paid soon...

Lirky2455d ago

Ill buy it in december when there could be a discount plus a "patch" will come to fix the issue with 1 purchasing psn account the dlc can only be used on 1 account. That way when i buy it the multiple accounts i have on my psn i can play on my other main psn with the dlc already installed.

IHateYouFanboys2455d ago

11 months after release and the DLC cars are just modified versions of cars that are already in the game? and people are happy about that? wow.

Forza 4 already has that many NEW cars available for download less than a month after release.

colombiankilla012455d ago

Isn't it sad that Forza 4 just came out and they already have DLC for you to buy? I dont know whats the point you are trying to make here.

jeseth2455d ago

Exactly, its like the creators of Forza are saying :

"yeah, we had all this extra content ready to be included in the game but instead we'll keep it out so we can sucker you into buying more of what should have been included into the game".


And you think this is ok but the GT5 DLC is not? Plus the GT5 DLC is cars (15, not the 8 Forza put out for $7), 2 new tracks, 150 paint colors, racing gear, and parts for $9.

Either your a Forza fanboy or just a blind sheep.

kaveti66162455d ago

There's no difference between a fanboy and a sheep.

Taz Yamauchi2455d ago

And yet people are purchasing more GT5 dlc than they are buying Forza 4

P_Bomb2454d ago

Paid DLC less than a month after release is never a good thing imo. If Batman Arkham City got raked over the coals for it, shouldn't Forza? I still remember when Burnout Paradise gave us bikes and day/night cycles for free.

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The story is too old to be commented.