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Along with a fantastic co-operative version of the single-player campaign, where the player in control of Lynch is party to his hallucinations, there is an absolutely tremendous multiplayer mode called Fragile Alliance, which is almost substantial enough to be a mid-priced game in its own right. Basically a bank heist game, Fragile Alliance sees you and a team of friends tackle various money storage facilities, but quickly the desire to get more of the cash can destroy any co-operation, and cause divides in your group. There are benefits to both teamwork and backstabbing, and the result is a multiplayer game packed with plenty of action, strategy and a great sense of tension.

If you enjoy games with decent plots, developed characters and brilliant dialogue, this violent, offensive and witty action game is probably worth your attention, and if you're a shooting game purist, try not to expect too much and you'll still have plenty to enjoy.

Score: 7/10

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