Just Cause 3 Currently In Development Or Not?

Xbox World Magazine has reported that Just Cause 3 is currently in development is scheduled for release in 2012.

“Our spies say devs Avalanche are hard at work as we speak, and that it’s set for release next year,” reads the news section of the magazine’s latest issue.

It could just be a rumor as the magazine didn’t specifically say the game in question is actually Just Cause 3. Just Cause 2 came out in early 2010 to favourable reviews and managed to sell around 1.5 million copies worldwide.

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andreasx2488d ago

hopefully! just cause 2 was amazing!

TopDudeMan2488d ago

I hope so. To me, just cause 2 was the most fun I've ever had in an open world environment in a game. The story was awful, but the gameplay was just crazy fun!!! You "Just cause"ed havoc in that game.

Trainz2488d ago

Never played just cause 2 because it lacked one very important feature:


It's such a big game with so much stuff to blow up but I found the demo boring because of the vast emptiness.
This game needs a 4-8 player drop in/out co-op feature.

ironfist922488d ago

Co-op would be a fun inclusion in JC3, but judging JC2 based on playing the demo?

Dude, JC2 has SO MUCH MORE to offer if you actually bought the game.

Hazmat132488d ago

i sure hope so played Just Cause on PS2 and played Just Cause2 on PS3 cant wait to play Just Cause 3!

LoLZoRz2488d ago

JC2 is so overlooked. People complain that there's nothing to do in GTA IV and they haven't even looked at JC2. I mean, JC2 is a pinnacle of what sandbox game should be, tons of shit to blow up, side missions, stunts, lots of vehicles, easter eggs etc and grappling hook is just brilliant.

by many, GTA San Andreas often comes out as a king of sandbox games, but when you compare those two JC2 has more things and more fun, much bigger area and more. The only thing that is lacking is the story, but who gives a shit really about a story in a game where we just want to explore and blow the shit up.

I hope these rumors are true.

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