Nintendo financial briefing details – possible Pokemon game, Wii U launch date hint, more

New details have emerged from a Nintendo briefing, including a possible Pokemon title.

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aviator1892401d ago

Just release a Pokemon rpg game from gamefreak for the 3ds and its sales will probably explode. Hell, that's what I'm waiting for. The price is already good now, so I'm just waiting for the right games to come along.

deus_ex2401d ago

I hope its a retelling of the hoenn region :D

jacksonmichael2401d ago

Hm. This could have done with a proofread.

XFON2401d ago

id rather get a chimpokemon game. its been way overdue

Krew_922401d ago

He spelled it wrong. It's Chinpokomon.

It's not a real game, it's from the show South Park, just type in Chinpokomon in Google and you'll find out.