More Divas Confirmed For WWE '12

When THQ first announced the WWE '12 roster, many people were disappointed that it only had 7 WWE Divas in the game. Now fans can rejoice as 6 more Divas have joined.

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stonecold32455d ago

i hope nikki and brie are in wwe 12 they are hot

MiyagiSPG2454d ago

Sux but least we got Trish Stratus :)

waltyftm2454d ago

Trish is the greatest Diva ever.

Yodagamer2454d ago

Sweet awesome kong, but no gail kim, i am disappointed :(

KongRudi2454d ago (Edited 2454d ago )

Too much simulation, too litle game - makes divas in Smackdown vs. Raw unusable..
Back in '08 or '09 atleast we could set up mixed exhibithion matches if you wanted to pitch a male CaW against a female one..
But that hasn't been possible ever since..
Every year they nerf the divas more and more, so it's really pointless to have them in the wrestling simulator anymore.

Would be fun if they could allow us to make our own match-rules. Now if you don't enjoy looking at half-naked men grappling with eachother, you're not gonna have fun with Smackdown vs. Raw.

It's a nice wrestlingshow-simulator, but not a fun game anymore.

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