2011 YTD hardware sales in the US, Europe, Japan

Nintendo has revealed year-to-date sales for PS3, 360, Wii, 3DS, DS, and PSP in the US, Europe, and Japan.

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Aussiegamer2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )


PS3 – 2.42
DS – 2.67
Xbox 360 – 3.45
3DS – 1.42
Wii – 2.36
PSP – .85


PS3 – 2.79
DS – 2.26
Xbox 360 – 1.98
3DS – 1.48
Wii – 2.01
PSP – 1.40


PS3 – 1.11
DS – .60
Xbox 360 – .09
3DS – 2.15
Wii – .55
PSP – 1.60"

For people that don't wanna go to the site.

Edit: They changed the numbers, I have updated.

C_Menz2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

The site's numbers are different than those that you posted.

Edit: Thank you for fixing them.

Prophet-Gamer2489d ago

Interesting numbers but we all know the PS3 leads WW just as it has been doing for the past few years. Take away the year the 360 had by itself on the market with no competition and it's clear which console is ahead.

testerg352489d ago

Why do you have take it away. Deal with it. That's when the 360 launched.

darthv722489d ago

its as if a year head start is wrong. Overall it doesnt matter when it releases. Its all about how much it sells in its lifetime.

Some want to think all of these systems MUST start at the same time.

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GamersRulz2489d ago

PS3 is leading by 800K, which is impressive.

ipe2489d ago

Add Australia, Middle East, South America where ps3 is selling better difference is closer to 1.5 million

Biggest2489d ago

That's a good point. Are the numbers for those areas thrown in with EU and US? Or are they only added at fiscal years end?

PSX992489d ago

Proof PS3 is ahead WW over 360 when others said otherwise. I don't know how Microsoft thinks they will be #1 ww this year. This shows sony is still strong because MS threw everything to them and it still isn't enough to overtake them.

darthv722489d ago

see my post above. US and Euro are the real battlegrounds it seems. Japan has all but given up on consoles. They are handheld crazy over there.

GrandTheftZamboni2489d ago


#3.1.1: "Overall it doesnt matter when it releases."

I guess you're saying it only matters WHERE, not when. So, let's count in 1 year head start for 360, but ignore PS3 numbers in Japan. Right?

darthv722489d ago

we arent ignoring them at all. They are more of a gimme than anything else but the totals prove the PS3 leads in total overall sales. Japan, a region that embraces gaming like no other, has really low console sales and really high portable sales.

So the year argument or the territory argument is canceled out. I would expect there to be over 2 mil in jp for the PS3 this year but there arent. They are seariously into portable gaming. This is likely to transcend throughout the rest of the world.

Thinking back at early gaming, things that became a hit in Japan tended to become hits everywhere else. True different regions have people with different opinions but we are seeing a surge in portable gaming. Almost to the point of the console possibly going away but not anytime soon.

It would not surprise me if the next big thing to take off (besides the ipod/phone/pad) is another portable device. The 3ds has certainly increased its sales once the price was brought into reason. A portable device could be made and sold for less than a full console.

We could squabble about the console numbers but what I see and what others should take notice of as well is the increase in portable gaming. From phones to pads to dedicated devices....that seems to be the direction it is going in the next few years. Japan has shown in the past what trends are happening. They dont control them but they sure do influence them.

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