Bret Hart Confirmed Not To Be In WWE ’12

Despite being involved heavily in WWE programming last year, Bret Hart has been confirmed not to be in the WWE ’12 roster

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Krew_922306d ago

Well that sorta sucks.

tarbis2306d ago

I have a feeling they're gonna release him as DLC. Great way to milk Bret's fans.

MiyagiSPG2306d ago

Not sure if thats going to happen, but perhaps fan demand could make it happen ;)?

tarbis2306d ago

They were able to brought in Trish, there's no reason they can't with Bret.

tiffac0082306d ago

Doing a Sharp Shooter is just not the same if it isn't the Hitman doing it. :)

tarbis2306d ago (Edited 2306d ago )

Indeed! Indeed! *nod nod nod

eak32301d ago

A real bummer if they don't put him in the game. My fav wrestler ever!