Get Your Own Personalized Long Live Play Video, Play With a Virtual Kevin Butler

PSLS: Jealous of Michael getting all the attention? Well good news! Now you can have your very own To ___! video, as well as getting access to the exclusive Hall of Play club – all while having Kevin Butler give you your very own tour.

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Sev2484d ago

Screw that Michael!

vitz32484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

This was pretty frickin' sweet. Whatever they use to generate the names works pretty well. THIS is how you do web 2.0 marketing!

I left the tab open while posting and saw that he has a bunch of different idle comments. Well done.

vitz32484d ago

On second thought, it's well conceived but it's just like those little interactive story books we used to play as kids, where we really felt the characters knew who we are? Same thing.

doctorstrange2484d ago

The excuses generator kicks ass!

D3stinySm4sher2484d ago

Kevin Butler is the greatest marketing campaign I've seen in the gaming industry in quite a long time.

Glad I haven't seen much of that stupid PSP kid.

knifefight2484d ago

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck I just got my legal papers in that changed my name to Michael and for what? For this to come along about 3 weeks late. Thanks, Kev. Thanks a lot.

Oaklnd2484d ago

KB thanks for the tour

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