Should GTAV Return To Franchise's Cartoony Roots?

The industry is gravitating towards realism and authenticity, and GTAIV went in that direction, too. But should GTAV be more cartoony and Saints Row-like?

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GraveLord2459d ago

Yes please. It doesn't have to be "cartoony". Just make it more fun. Call of Duty manages to balance realism with arcade-style fun. It CAN be done.

koh2458d ago

So... you want GTA to be more like CoD? I get what you mean, but I would find a better game to compare it to.

GraveLord2458d ago

That would be awesome! But it's not what I meant.
I mean how COD has realistic that realistic feel but at the same time its an arcade-type video game.

That's what I want from GTA. Though a better comparison would be Saints Row.

bronxsta2459d ago

IMO, I prefer the realism. Keep the dark gritty tone with Gay Tony-style inclusions.

We have the Saints Row series for crazy, cartoony, over the top open world stuff

iamnsuperman2459d ago

I do not mind the realism. Gay Tony was a pretty good story. But what GTA 4 failed to do for me was what to do after? Previous GTA games had fun cheats. GTA3 in particular had my two favourite cheats of all time (people hate you and people carry guns). A sandbox game should be a massive playground and I got bored quickly (out side the missions) in GTA 4 had little else to do except going on a rampage which got samey. Have some fun cheats that are on the ridiculous side and you will keep a lot of people happy and bring back what a sandbox game should have. A fun aspect to it

Dan502459d ago (Edited 2459d ago )

YES it should the realism of GTA IV is why I got so damn bored of it. Oh and cheat codes as well. GTA SA had as many as SR2. Bring back cheat codes!!!!!!

kasasensei2459d ago

Cartoon or realistic look, i don't care, but please, give us a 30 fps framerate, at least. gta4 and dlc on consoles, it's hardly 20 fps... and it hurts.

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The story is too old to be commented.