Shocked; This is a real-time screenshot of a game

DSOGaming writes: "I’m shocked. I truly am as I already know that C.A.R.S looks amazing. But this level of detail is simply mind-blowing. This could easily pass as a ‘bullshot’ or a photoshopped picture but no, this is real-time guys. This is what the game looks like in close ups when you are actually driving. This… this is truly the future - graphically speaking - of racing games."

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thespaz2460d ago

It doesn't look that good to me.

Hicken2460d ago

At the risk of sounding like a troll, I have to agree with you.

The first image is too small, and while it does look pretty good, the lack of driver's hands on the wheel is distracting.

The second picture also looks pretty good, but the most detail seems to have gone into the gravel underneath the vehicle; the model of the car itself doesn't look better than GT5's premium cars or Forza's Autovista models.

Me-Time2460d ago

For gameplay, that is impressive as hell.

gamerz2460d ago

That second pic is of an Ariel Atom.. one of the coolest, fastest cars on the road that's actually affordable.

Venjense2460d ago

It looks ok but it's not so impressive that I thought it looked real.

If it was next-gen game graphics I'd be disappointed.