Volition - Long console cycles allow time to optimize games

Saints Row: The Third developer Volition won't join the trend of calling for a new generation of consoles.

That's according to Eric Barker, who told that longer console cycles allow games to grow and become familiar.

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rowdyBOY2333d ago

thats true , but graphics look like ps2 graphics.
maybe there should be a option to upgrade the graphics card

GirlsGeneration2333d ago

I can't wait for Saints Row 3!

Blaine2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

Long console cycles do a number of things:

-Allow devs to optimize their engines.

-Engines they've already developed and optimized means lower production costs and faster development cycles.

-Lower costs and faster development means more willingness to take risks.

That means we get potentially more innovative or creative games toward the end of consoles' life cycles. I wouldn't refuse an upgrade in hardware, but right now between the choice of a new batch of release titles or more of the amazing games we're getting at the moment, I wouldn't mind sticking with this gen a little while longer.

I'm either way, really. If the PS4 launched tomorrow I would buy it. A lot of people wouldn't buy it yet, and they'd be getting amazing current-gen titles too. Seems like a win/win to me! That's why devs are on both sides of the fence.

josephps32333d ago

I wouldn't buy PS4 if it came out tomorrow. I'd wait 1-2 years till price comes down and more AAA titles are released and dev got a better handle on the new hardware.

Whenever the next gen comes out, games will be released for both PS4 and PS3 for at least another year or two. Two years after launch, you could buy the PS4 for at least a 40% discount from launch price.

Blaine2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )

But two years after launch the PSN Id Blaine will have been stolen from me. That's why I need to buy the PS4 day 1! Just like I got the PS3... day 3 (was good enough!).

For real though, I got a PS3 right away becaus I really wanted to play Resistance. And it was a great decision! 40 players online was an amazing experience back then, and the game was tons of fun, and lightyears ahead of anything PS2 players were getting at the same time.