Android-powered video game consoles: the time is right.

Just over one week ago, Google officially debuted Ice Cream Sandwich, the next version of the Android mobile operating system, which for the first time unifies smartphones and mobile tablets under the same operating system.

Android 4.0 adds support for cursor hover events, stylus distance/tilt/orientation, and mouse button events, but the most exciting new HID support was highlighted in a tweet from Google framework engineer Romain Guy last Friday:

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Wintersun6162396d ago

This is the right direction for taking hardcore phone/tablet gaming closer towards reality. But dedicated handheld consoles still have the lead because who wants to carry a USB controller and a phone around to play hardcore games on the go? Also Android takes up more resources than the "OS" on dedicated handhelds, which leads to Android devices needing more power to compete with Vita graphically and physics-wise. Also Vita and 3DS still have the advantage of a lot better software support. Not to mention the price. Phones and tablets with similar power in hardware as Vita are still non-existent and will cost a lot more and become obsolete faster than Vita will. The usual hardcore gamer who also wants to play on the go or while someone else has occupied the TV will still prefer a Vita.

I'm not saying this because I want to bash gaming on phones or tablets, but I'm saying this in advance as a counter argument to the inevitable "Vita & 3DS are doomed" comments and articles. Vita and 3DS will still have their own markets. Even though this will be a hit on their or their successors sales in the future, I don't see dedicated gaming handhelds going away any time soon.

2392d ago